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In the fuel tank bay there are no center ribs.  To stiffen that area, some channel pieces  made from .050 5052 aluminum are riveted in as shown below:

Notice that the channel pieces overlap the spar flanges of both the main and rear spars.  I believe this overlap of the spars was added to the plans after wing testing at Avipro.

The last finishing touches are to install the wing skin stiffeners in the flap area and install all the nutplates around the fuel tank bay.

And here is the completed wing top view:

You can see the right wing skeleton in the reflection.  I had originally planned to go ahead and skin the right wing at this point.  I have since realized that space to get around between the right wing and the garage wall is too limited.  I have therefore decided to finish out the left wing, put it in storage in a friend's hangar and then move the right wing so better access can be had.  May 15, 2004


The final bit of skinning business is the pocket skin in the aileron area.  This skin is .020 and is bent to shape to fit against the pocket ribs and gets riveted to the aft wing skin top and bottom.  

Here is a picture of the skins, primed and riveted in place, in the aileron pocket of the wing:

Wing Skins (both wings)

Completed:  October 20, 2004

Total Time: 242hours (Left Wing Only)

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