Flaps page 2

With the bottom part drilled, the flap was flipped over on the table and clamped down flat to assure no twist.  
Since the table is totally flat, with the flap positioned and clamped down like this, no twist will be introduced when the remaining holes are drilled in the nose skin and flap spar.

Here is the rounded part of the flap drilled and clecoed with #40 holes:

With the flap nose skin drilled to the ribs and spar, the openings for the 3 flap hinges were rough cut, staying well away from the nose ribs.  These will be marked and final trimmed after the skins have been removed for final deburring and priming.  

The gussets were made next.  The end gussets are triangular shaped, installed top and bottom on each end of the flap and use .020 aluminum.

The center hinge also receives gussets for reinforcement and stiffening of the flap.  These need to be strong because this is the hinge point where the flap pushrod attaches so they are made from .032 aluminum.

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