Flaps Assembly page 3

Here is the completed (for now) Right Flap:

note: in the background, you can see my other passion - my 1997 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide

Again, I have not riveted the trailing edge on yet as I want to see how well it lines up with the aileron and wing root section after the flaps are mounted.  Some adjustment may be necessary and then it will be drilled, deburred, primed and permanently riveted in place with stainless steel pull rivets as per the plans.

The flaps will not be fabric covered until I can fit them to the wings and drill the hinge brackets in place.

Here is a photo showing how large these flaps are.  I'm 6' 0" and as you can see the flaps are quite large:

That's it for now on the flaps until I can get them fitted to the wings and the hinge brackets drilled to them,.  Once that's done. they can be fabric covered.


Completed:  March 7, 2003

Total Time: 57 hours (includes priming)

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