Aileron Drive Support Frame

The support arm for the aileron bellcrank must be fabricated and welded to the aileron support frame.  

Here is the finished product:

There is a cable pulley support piece that goes on near the front end of the Aileron Drive Support Frame.  It is a piece of 7/16" tube mounted vertically through the support tube.  A 7/16" hole was bored through the 3/4" support tube at the correct location and the 7/16" tube was slid in and welded.  Once that was done, the forward end piece was welded on:

That's it for the aileron drive support frames.

Here is group photo of the flap and aileron drive support frames and the root end support frames:

Next, the Aileron Bellcranks and the Flap Torque Tube Drive Arms will be built.

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