Rear Spars (page 2)

Once both Rear Spars were completed, the parts were all marked for location and the spars were disassembled.  All parts were deburred, smoothed, Acid etched, Alodined and Epoxy primed.

The Spars were then re-assembled and riveted together.  Here is the root end of both Rear Spars:

As you can tell, the rib attach angles have also been riveted on using the correct orientation.

Here is picture of the center splice plates:

The Aileron pocket ribs must be accurately located. The Bearhawk Wings Builder Manual has an excellent description of properly locating and orienting these ribs.    The pocket ribs align fairly closely with the ribs on the ailerons.  The attach angles for the pocket ribs are located as per the picture below:

Here is a final picture of the Main Spars and Rear Spars together:

Rear Spars

Completed:  January 8, 2004

Total Time: 73.5 hours (includes priming and rib attach angles)

Total Time: Main and Rear Spars together:  192.5 hours

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