Aileron Pocket and Flap Nose Ribs

Aileron Pocket Ribs

Started October 14, 2003

The Aileron Pocket ribs were made using the same techniques as was used to make the aileron nose ribs.  Here is one of the Aileron Pocket ribs:

The pocket ribs will be installed on the rear spar of the wing and are designed to create a pocket for the nose of the aileron to fit in with about a 1/2" gap. Here is a picture showing an Aileron Nose Rib and an Aileron Pocket Rib and how they fit together:

Aileron Pocket Ribs

Completed: October 17, 2003

Total Time:  6.5 hours (including jigs and priming)

Flap Nose Ribs

Started October 18, 2003

The same techniques listed for the aileron nose ribs were used to make and form the flap nose ribs.  There are 26 Flap nose ribs (13 right and 13 left).  Here is a picture of the first one comparing to the full sized drawing on the plans:

Flap Nose Ribs

Completed: 10/21/03

Total time: 9 hours (including jigs and priming)

Here is a picture of all of the aileron and flap ribs, including nose and pocket ribs all primed:

All rib build times were adjusted to reflect prep and priming of the ribs.

The final task for the ribs was to cut the lightening holes in the 2 end ribs and flange them  This took another 3 hours and these were also primed.

THAT"S IT!!!!!  The Wing Ribs are completed.  ALL 170 RIBS are done!!!!!

Here is a group photo of all of the wing ribs before priming:

All 170 Wing Ribs

Started: August 17, 2003

Completed: October 22, 2003

Total Time:  159 hours (includes all formblocks, jigs, templates and Acid Etch/Alodine/Priming)

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