Flap & Aileron Ribs

Started: October 3, 2003

Flap Ribs

The flap and aileron ribs are similar to the 4 back ribs except for two things.  The flanges on the edges are 1/2" and the lightening hole flanges are 1/4".

Here is a completed Flap Rib:

Aileron Ribs

Here is a completed Aileron Rib:

Aileron and Flap Ribs

Completed:  October 12, 2003

Total Hours: 13.5 hours (includes priming)

Aileron Nose Ribs

Started: October 12, 2003

The Aileron Nose Ribs are the first ribs so far that do not utilize the Master Formblock.  A new template was made from MDF using the full size drawing in the plans.  

Two Jig Holes were made as well as relief holes for each of the tabs that will be bent to 90 degrees.  These were all 1/4" holes.

The formblock was cut to shape to allow bending of the tabs over.  Again a 1/8" radius was filed into the edges.

And here is one of the ribs after forming:

A Unibit was used in the drill press to cut the 3/4" hole in the forward corner of each rib.  This hole will be used for the lead filled tube to create a counter-weight balance.  A simple jig, made from some scrap wood, was used to accurately locate the hole in each rib as shown:

And here is the finished Aileron Nose rib:

Aileron Nose Ribs

Completed:  October 14, 2003

Total Time: 7 hours (including jigs and priming)

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