Nose Ribs (page 2)

 Here is the setup in the machine we used to cut the lightening holes in the nose ribs:

We were able to stack 5 ribs at a time between the templates that were made earlier and cut all of the lightening holes in the 46 nose ribs in about 2 1/2 hours. Cutting these out with snips would have taken at least 2 weeks and the holes would not be as uniform at they are now.

Here is a picture of the 46 nose ribs ready for flanging the edges:

To bend the flanges, the nose rib is clamped between the two formblocks, bolted together through the jig holes to assure proper alignment and clamped down tight.  Here is a nose rib clamped in the formblocks just prior to bending the flange:

The marks on the formblocks are where the rivet locations will be.  These marks were transferred to the nose rib after bending the flange.  That will give me a reference of where not to apply the flutes for straightening.

The edge that you see sticking up was carefully bent over using a dead blow hammer.  The key to getting all of the ribs to be identical in size is to set the radius first.  The very corner of the bend must be formed to the formblock.

Here is a nose rib with the flanges formed on the edges and all fluted to be straightened:

It took about 2 weeks but I finally finished deburring, bending and fluting all of the nose ribs.  Here they are:  23 right and 23 left for a total of 46 nose ribs:

The rib's lightening holes were flanged using a special technique.  Click here to see that.

Another method to flange the lightening holes, called the "Bob Stick" method, can also be used also. Click here to see that.

And here is a completed nose rib:

Nose Ribs

Completed: September 14, 2003

Total time: 52.5 hours  (includes priming and stiffener angles)

Now for all of the other ribs.  

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