Center & Back Ribs

Started September 14, 2003

Center Ribs

There are a total of 22 center ribs.  8 of the center ribs are made from .032 thick 2024-T3 aluminum and the other 14 are made from .025  2024-T3. The thicker .032 ribs are on either side of the fuel tank bays and also are doubled up at the wing root near the fuselage attach point.

All 14 of the .025 center ribs are identical in shape, size and hole placement.

Here is a completed .025 center rib:

The .032 ribs do not need the holes flanged.  Also, the .032 center ribs do not have the oval shaped hole at the eft end.

Here is a completed .032 center rib (note the extra 1" hole at the aft end for the flap torque tube to pass through):

Here is one of the .032 short center ribs that goes behind the fuel tank area and the false spar (also with hole for flap torque tube):

Note: On the newer plans, the .032 ribs do not have the oval shaped hole at the aft end, but instead have a round hole.  In addition a hole must be cut for aileron cable clearance, but I will do that during wing assembly to accurately locate it.  These things were changed by the designer after some wing stress testing was done.

All of the center ribs received the same acid etch/alodine/epoxy primer treatment as the other ribs.  The rib stiffeners for the center ribs were made the same way they were for the nose ribs and were primed also.

One other change that is reflected on the newer plans (post wing stress testing) is the center rib at the wing root is now doubled up with two ribs, back to back. The two ribs are riveted together with the stiffeners and the spar attach angles.  Here is picture of the left wing #1 center rib (root rib) primed and with the stiffeners riveted in place:

Center Ribs Completed: September 29, 2003

Primed  and stiffeners attached: December 20, 2003

Total Time:  52.5 hours (including priming and rib stiffener angles)

Back Ribs

Started September 30, 2003
I must be getting the hang of this rib making thing.  The four back ribs were rough cut, router cut, flanged and all lightening holes cut last night.  It took me about 3 hours total (start to finish) to get the 4 back ribs to this point:

All that's left to do is flange the holes.  

And here is a completed Wing Back Rib with the holes deburred and flanged:

Back Ribs Completed: October 1, 2003

Total Time:  4.5 hours (includes priming)

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