Wing Assembly page 4

April 10, 2004

The aileron pulleys need a cable retainer to keep the cable from coming off of the pulley should it somehow become slack momentarily. I liked Russ Erb's retainers, but I made a couple of modifications to mine to keep them from moving around.  

Here is how I made mine:

Now is where the longer strip comes into play.  I wanted a way to assure that this whole retainer unit can't rotate and possibly start rubbing on the cable.  To prevent it from rotating, the longer strip is bent to allow me clamp it to the aileron drive support tube as pictured below:

Built this way, the straps can't move in relation to each other and can't rotate in relation to the pulley cable.  The wide area washers go on either side of the pulley to prevent total failure should the bearings somehow come loose.

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