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We started by putting the proper cap strips for the front edge of the spar down first.  They were spaced parallel and at the correct distances from each other and from the root end of the wing, as per the plans. Then the spar web was placed on top of those and centered up and then finally, the cap strips for the aft side of the spar were positioned on the spar web.

A good starting place is at the root end with the .125" thick wing mounting spacer plate, centered and clecoed in place:

In the picture above you can see the longest cap strips are nestle in the cutouts of the spacer plate and the cap strips are at the proper distance apart.  Also, all of the other cap strips are located based on measuring from the point where the ends of these capstrips meet the spar plate.  The "C" clamps have some masking tape in the ends to prevent marring of the aluminum.  

All of the cap strips were properly positioned length-wise, the spacing between them and the parallel alignment of the capstrips with each other, was established. Lots of clamps are used to hold it all together for drilling. Again, we placed some masking tape on the foot and base of each "C" clamp to prevent marring of the capstrips.

In the picture above you can see that we have already measured for and marked all areas that we don't want to drill yet. These include where the aileron and flap drives with be located and the strut attach plates, etc.  These will be later match drilled when those parts are being fitted to the wing spar.  

Drilling the spar caps started in the middle near the splice plate, then alternated back and forth and top to bottom going outward to the wing root and wing tip. Here we are drilling the spar caps:

As usual, I'm doing all of the work and my father-in law and building partner Lonnie is "Supervising".  Just kidding, actually Lonnie is a great helper and does a surprising amount of work for a man of his advanced years.  Sorry I couldn't resist :>)

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