Installing Nose Ribs (string method)

There are a couple different ways to install the nose ribs and get them all lined up properly.  I did the left wing using the rib location tool shown in the October 1997 Beartracks Newsletter. The results were good but I couldn't sight down the tooling holes and see the other end so it wasn't perfect.

So when I did the right wing, I used the string method.  You simply run a tight wire or string through the jig holes of all of the nose ribs and assure they line up correctly, with the string centered in each hole.

Here is a picture of nose rib #20 being drilled in place:

As you can see, the simulated skin pieces are held in place with side grip clecos, the string has been run through the jig hole and tied off to the screw at the root end and the rib has been adjusted until the string is centered in the jig hole.  It was then clamped and drilled, putting a cleco in each hole as it was drilled.

I really like this method better even though it takes longer. The nose ribs on this wing are lined up perfectly.  The ones on the other wing are good, but not as perfect as these.

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