Aileron Hinges

Started July 10, 2004

The Aileron Hinges are interesting looking parts.  They have legs that reach out and hold the tube that holds the rod end bearing.  The same rod end bearing that was used for the flap hinges are also used for the aileron hinges.  There are two aileron hinges per wing. The inside aileron hinge has three legs, the tip one has only two legs.

Once the base tubes (where the bolts go) and washer pieces were welded together, they were bolted to the welding jig as shown below:

The tube that contains the rod end bearing was attached via the same piece of 5/8" tube as used on the flap hinges.  In the picture above, you can see that I have already fitted the three legs and it is clamped in place and ready to be tack welded to the base tube and the rod end bearing tube.

The aileron hinge was then final welded.  Here is the finished product with the rod end bearing in place:

That's the inner most aileron hinge.  The aileron pushrod is attached at the bellcrank and comes out of the rear of the wing between the two upper legs of this aileron hinge.

The tip aileron hinge only has two legs. The upper leg is welded centered on the rod end tube cover.  The bottom leg is a curved piece like on the other aileron hinge.  

Here is both aileron hinges for the left wing:

The hinges will be primed after I have fitted them to the wings and have drilled and riveted the rod end bearings in place.

Aileron Hinges

Completed:  July 19, 2004

Total Time:  18 hours

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