Other Bearhawk Builders

Here are some links to some other Bearhawk builder's websites:

Russ Erb's Bearhawk Website - an aeronautical engineer and Bearhawk guru has put together a very informative site documenting his own Bearhawk project and other plans builders as well.

Russ Erbs Reference CD order info - Click this link to his web site to order his CD.

Pat Fagan's Bearhawk - Completed and flying.  Flight report.

Benton Holzwarth's Bearhawk Website - Bearhawk specific information, an archive of Bearhawk articles and more.

Del Rawlins Bearhawk Website - Dels Bearhawk project and other useful Bearhawk information, pilot reports, and downloads

Chris Durham - A very detailed site with lots of great pictures.

Jason Bowling  -  A very good Bearhawk construction site and fairly recent (as of Oct. '03).

Woodtic's Bearhawk site  -  Cary King's excellent site.  Cary is making good progress.

David Randal - Has some pictures of David's wing ribs progress.

Campbell's Dad  - Clint Campbell took some pictures of his dad's Bearhawk project - Fuselage pics.

David Mabe - David is just getting started but is making good progress so far.

Craig Benbow's Bearhawk Site - Craig is just getting started but has a terrific writing style.

Lynn Riggs Bearhawk Site - Mostly pictures but Lynn has come up with some innovative stuff.  Flap and trim system as well as sea plane doors.

Georg Himmeroeder  - Georg is a building a Bearhawk kit and just getting started.

Kevin Seuferer  -  Kevin is also a Bearhawk kit builder. Kevin is doing a great job with his website so far.  Some nice Hi-Res Bearhawk pictures in there.

Chris Haley - Chris is just getting started and is building in conjunction with his dad who also building a Bearhawk.  Two Bearhawks at once, what a deal!

Craig Benbow - Craig is a New Zealand builder with a nice looking website.  His Bearhawk is named "Kahu" - see his website for details.

Carl Peterson - Carl is making good progress on his Bearhawk.  He shares lots good tips he's learning along the way.

Keith "Papa" Salisbury - Great looking website so far.   

Georg Himmeroeder  - Georg is building a kit and has some great photos of his progress.  

John Rheney - John is finishing up Bearhawk #023 which was originally Bill Johnsone's project.  Some great tips and different ideas here.

Paul Minelga - An Alaska builder who is coming along with his project nicely.  Lots of great tips and techniques on his kitlog builder's site.

Thomas Brown and Larry Sullivan - Building a quickbuild kit.  Making good progress so far. Installing one of the new XP390X Lycoming engines.

Wayne Massey's build site (Kitlog Pro) with lots of pictures.

Ron Slosberg - Plans builder - Just getting started but already has a nice website up.

Jim Perdue - Another plans builder (has plans #1150) is making good progress .

Matt Kunkle - Matt is building a quickbuild Bearhawk

Ron Jones - Ron is building a quickbuild kit in Oklahoma.

Eric Winterbottom - Eric is another scratch builder

Tom Walter - Here is Tom's Kitlog Pro site for his Bearhawk Kit. Very informative.

Doug Carter - Doug's Kitlog Pro site. A very well documented site showing Doug's scratch built Bearhawk

If you are aware of any other Bearhawk builder sites, or have one yourself and would like to be included in this list, please drop me a line and I will put it on this list. Thank you.