Tailwheel Fork Too Short

Caution must be exercised when looking at full scale drawings.  Make sure the drawing perspective is what you are expecting.  On the tailwheel forks, I made the forks an exact fit to the full size overview drawing. Same width, curve and length.  You could lay the part I made on the drawing and it was an exact fit.

The problem came when I bolted the tailwheel on for the first time.

That's right - the tire is scrunched against the cross tube.  The problem?  The drawing is not of the fork in the flat view perspective.  The drawing is a view looking straight down at the fork Since the tailwheel sits at a downward angle, the drawing obviously shows a shortened fork, as you would see if you looked straight down from the rudder, on the tailwheel as its mounted on the airplane.  This perspective shortens the forks.

Well, back to square one with this part. :>(