Floor Boards page 2

The floorboard cover for the flap handle area is shown here:

Here is the same piece fitted in place in the flap handle area:

The clecos will be replaced with platenuts and screws.

Here is the cover for the area between the front seats:

Note that it has been cut out to clear the elevator bellcrank.  Later, a hole will be cut to clear the upper elevator cable where it transitions to the gang pulley.  I will do that when the cable is installed so I can make the hole as small as possible but still have adequate clearance.

The final bit of business is the baggage bulkhead at the aft end of the cabin.  Again, a paper template was made first then transferred to the aluminum sheet and cut out.  For this baggage bulkhead, I used .016" aluminum sheet to keep it as light as possible:

The bottom part has a 1" flange that slips under the aft floorboard and will be secured with platenuts and screws. In the picture above, not all of the holes have been drilled yet.

The top corners must have a slot cut out to clear the pulleys for the flap system:

When I return, I will finish up drilling all of the holes for the baggage bulkhead and make an access door to allow a look into the aft area of the fuselage during inspections.

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