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The door flanges are skip welded to the fuselage tubes to prevent warping.  The welds are about 3/8" long and are on 1 1/2" centers.  Here is the passenger side forward door flange welded in place:

The aft door flanges were made next.  Here is the pilot's side aft door flange blank ready for the 9/16" flanges to be bent:

Here are the flanges being formed using a couple of straight pieces of 3/4" plywood (again, like on the wing ribs):

Here is the piece after forming.  Note that the 9/16" flange was notched at the bend and welded back together after the flanges were formed:

The aft door flange was fitted to the fuselage frame at station D/N.  Again a straight edge was used to assure that the flange was properly aligned:

Here it is after skip welding:

The next piece to be fitted was the bottom door flanges.  The bottom door flanges are made from .040 steel and have a 1 1/8" flange on the them. The piece that goes between station B/P and station C/S is a constant width that matches the width of the forward door flange.

In the above photo you can see that a piece of aluminum angle and a straightedge are used to properly align the piece and to hold it in place for welding. 

Again, the piece was skip welded in place, this time the welds were about 1/2" long and on 1 1/2" centers.

The final door flange for the front doors of the airplane is the other bottom piece that goes from station C/S to station D/N.  This piece tapers from the width of the aft door flange to the width of the other bottom door flange. Here it is fitted and skip welded in place:

That completes the pilot's side for now.  

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